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If you are a parent of an Edinburgh Community School Corporation student and are interested in assisting with developmenting, reviewing, or updating School Wellness Policy, contact Allison Small at [email protected]. This policy is reviewed every Spring.
Everyone 18 and younger eats for free without providing any individual eligibility information at all open sites. On or after June 1, all Indiana sites approved to serve meals can be found:
  • On the SFSP parent page
  • By texting "Summer Meals" to 97779
  • Or texting “Food” or “Comida” to 304-304
  • By calling 211
September is National Childhood Obesity awareness Month
Here are some sobering statistics:
  • More than 23 million children ages 2-19 are obese or overweight — a statistic medical experts deem an epidemic
  • The financial implications of childhood obesity pose a tremendous threat to our health care system and our economy in general
  • Obese young people run an 80-percent chance of being obese adults
The U.S. Senate unanimously passed a resolution to designate September 2010 as National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month. Action for Health Kids remains committed to increasing awareness and interest in fighting childhood obesity, and is here to help parents translate awareness into action, both at home and at school — for a lasting healthy lifestyle.
As we transition from carefree days of summer to structured, busy weeks of the school year, it’s a great time to start a new healthy lifestyle, along with the new notebooks! As kids return to school, as parents and caring adults, we must take an active role in helping them make healthy lifestyle choices, so they don’t slip into a “too much junk food” or “no time for exercise” rut. To do this, here are four conversations you get to have with your child:
  1. “This fall, we’re making a pact as a family to make healthy changes. We’re going to eat fewer fast-food meals and more healthy home-cooked meals.”
  2. “Here’s another great change – we’ll eat healthy snacks every day: fruits, vegetables, and low-fat cheese, yogurt and peanut butter, whole grain treats – at home and in your lunch box. Even if other kids bring less healthy snacks to school, we know that the best way to fuel your brain for learning is with healthy food!”
  3. “It’s hard to stay active during the school year because you’re so busy. But, it’s important to move your body, so, I’m going to help you by making sure you get to play indoors or outside for at least half an hour every day – even when it’s cold!”
  4. “You might not love this last one, but to help you stay active, we’ll limit screen time (TV, computer, handhelds) tono more than two hours each day. It might be hard at first, but your body will be happy, so I’m going to stay on top of it!”
For tips and ideas to help you and your children eat healthy and stay active – at home and school – explore the Action for Healthy Kids Web site.
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